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Download Virtual86 Mode Sample Software...
Virtual X86 Protected Mode Resources
Links to Protected Mode and Kernel References...
What is Protected Mode???
Linux Kernel Development Mail archives
Technological University of Dresden - L4 Microkernel
MIT - Aegis/ExoKernel Microkernel
Carnegie Mellon Universty - MACH Microkernel
GNU - Hurd Microkernel
Portland State University - GNU Hurd Information
Links to Device Driver References...
PCI & AGP Buses Reference Source
Intel's Bus & I/O Chipsets Data Sheets
Memory Management Architecture of Berkley Unix
Memory Management Architecture of FreeBSD
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Uniform Driver Interface Project
Links to FreeDos & Other Heritage O/S's...
FreeGEM graphical user interface for DOS & VMiX
FreeDOS & GEM Utils Downloads
FreeDOS Project Home
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